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In this Contos por Carta, Feelu, Augui's granddaughter, drank the powerful Rain Potion and woke up crying. Despite Augui's efforts to stop Feelu's tears, nothing seemed to work! It looks like they'll need the children's help to solve this puzzling problem.


Now, imagine receiving five letters where Augui and Feelu narrate their adventure! The child-reader accompanies them while Augui tries everything to stop Feelu's tears.


Story: Sofia Caessa Ferreira

Written by: Sofia Caessa Ferreira

Illustrated by: Pedro Fernandes

The Rain Potion - Portuguese Version

  • Each package includes:

    • 5 personalized and illustrated letters
    • 2 Magic Postcards that allow the child-reader to 'communicate' with Augui
    • 1 Herbarium
    • 1 Nature Activity Guide
    • Stickers
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