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In this Contos por Carta, Augui, the Witch of the Moon, has an important mission: to save the Fairies of Magic, who have been frozen.

With her granddaughter Feelu, Augui sets out to find five rare ingredients hidden in the Abacaba Region. With these ingredients, Augui will have to make a very special potion to save the Fairies and restore magic to the world.

Imagine a child's reaction upon receiving at home, in their mailbox, a letter addressed to them from Augui, the Witch of the Moon.


Now, imagine receiving seven letters where Augui and her granddaughter Feelu narrate their grand adventure! 


The child follows along as Augui  and Feelu must discover five secret ingredients to save the Fairies from a terrible spell.


Story: Sofia Caessa Ferreira 

Written by: Leonor Vantache Vaz and Sofia Caessa Ferreira 

Illustrated by: Pedro Fernandes

The Fairies of Magic - English Version

The English version of "As Fadas da Magia" (The Fairies of Magic) will be available in April 2024
  • Each package includes:

    • 7 personalized and illustrated letters
    • 5 Action Cards designed to encourage children to engage in specific acts reflecting fundamental human values (kindness, wisdom, love, courage, and peace). These cards prompt activities that foster these values.
    • 1 A4 map
    • Stickers

    Recommended age: 7-11


    To personalize, please write the name of the child to whom we will send this Contos por Carta in the "Child's Name' option."

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