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The idea for Contos por Carta arose during the 2021 lockdown when access to postal services was limited. At that time, I had to find a new way to tell stories. Unable to send the books published by Lêleh Land through the mail, the idea of using prepaid envelopes struck me. But how could I use those envelopes to send children stories? How could I use a simple envelope to tell a story?

That is how the Contos por Carta project was born! Looking at the book 'Augui and the Mystery of Fairy Valley,' I decided to reconstruct it, exploring layers of adventure, new thematic approaches, and deepening the characters, emphasizing the values I wanted to convey.

The digital age is here to stay and is increasingly present in our society. Technology plays an important role in our lives and brings us many advantages, that's for sure. However, as an author and mother, I feel the need to create a bridge with the past, with the more traditional. For example, digital books that invite children to explore nature, outdoors.

During the lockdown, imagining children saturated by online classes and constant use of technology, I conceived the idea of bringing a breath of fresh air through letters written especially for them.

The seed of Contos por Carta was sown! Receiving a letter, wrapped in magic, addressed to the child, is truly something special. It's a way to bring back a bit of the magic that seems to be fading away.

Sofia Caessa Ferreira

Sofia was born in Lisbon and spent her childhood in Rotterdam, São Paulo, and Cascais. As an adult, she also lived in the United States and Belgium. With a highly international life journey, Sofia worked in film in the USA and, in Brussels, co-founded a cultural organization, taught English, and contributed as a writer for an English-language magazine.

Sofia has dedicated her life to working with children: in creative writing and film projects, as an English and theater teacher, and as an author of children's books, especially with the Contos por Carta project. She is also a published author, having released her memoir "Amar a Vida como ela é" in 2022.

Now living in Portugal, Sofia is a mother of two boys, her greatest inspiration. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, watching the sea, playing board games, and being in nature. 

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