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  • Are the letters sent on a weekly basis?
    The letters are sent in a single package, all at once. This allows the adult to manage the distribution of the letters. You can do this weekly or at another interval of time. Since we can't guarantee that each letter will arrive at its destination within a defined timeframe and to prevent loss, we find it more suitable to send all the letters at once.
  • When do you send the Contos por Carta?
    Due to the necessary customization, the expected delivery time for Contos por Carta in Portugal is 7 business days for the Mainland and 9 business days for the Portuguese Islands.
  • Can I return the product?
    Please refer to the 'Return Policy' Section.
  • Is Contos por Carta a subscription?
    No, Contos por Carta is a series of chapter-letters. Contos por Carta - The Fairies of Magic is sent in a package containing 7 letters. Contos por Carta - The Rain Potion is sent in a package containing 5 letters. The package is sent all at once.
  • What is the age range for the stories?
    "The Adventures of Augui" are recommended for children aged 7 to 11 for independent reading, but they can also be read aloud to younger children.
  • Is it a book?
    Contos por Carta is an original and innovative way of telling stories. The stories from "The Adventures of Augui" are part of two already published books: "Augui and the Fairies of Magic" and "Augui and the Endless Tears." However, in this chapter format, the themes and characters have been further developed. Due to the lack of restrictions in this format, we were able to let our imagination run wild and create more adventures, more characters, and more mystery. All the letters together form a book, albeit a non-traditional one according to the conventional definition of a book, as the chapters are not bound together.
  • Can I use Contos por Carta in a classroom?
    Of course! However, we are creating a specific edition for schools. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the launch of Contos por Carta - School Edition and receive a 10% discount.
  • Will you have more stories beyond The Adventures of Augui?
    Of course! The Adventures of Augui is the first series in this innovative format. We are finalizing a new product that involves elves, fairies, and teeth! 😉 We are writing a new story, and we might even have a third story in the Augui series.
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